About Us


SANGIN SANAT KOUHPAYEH Co. has operated since 2010 in the field of roll manufacturing for industry applications mainly with focus on still roll milling plants in the homeland market and then it extended its market into the international markets including European countries. We have dramatically strengthened our competitive position by continuously developing cutting-edge products and services as well as enhancing operating procedures in the field of roll manufacturing. The fundamental field of experience in our company extends into manufacturing of various types of rolls including hot strip mill work rolls, plate mill work rolls, hot strip mill backup rolls, plate mill backup rolls, cold strip mill backup rolls, slabbing mill rolls, edging rolls, and section mill rolls.

Manufacturing Technology unit

Our Manufacturing technology unit is the mainstream one which plays an important role in the machining process in our company. The key point here is to utilize up-to-dated knowledge of machining and close relationship with sophisticated and well-known tool manufacturers in this filed as well as exploiting excellent CAD/CAM software for 3-D modeling, drafting, and CNC programing. These all together has led to an optimum lead time, minimized machining costs, quality augmentation, and standardization of cutting tools consumption.

Our experts are responsible for preparing of drawing for each level of machining from roughing to final stages of grinding. The Standard operation plan (SOP) is also prepared to identify the whole machining process from 0 to 100. This close relationship between Technology unit and production unit has guaranteed our accomplishment in reaching defined targets in satisfaction of our customers.

Quality control unit

The process of quality control in our company is executing based on a comprehensive written quality control plan. The required coordination between engaged staff in production process including production unit, planning unit, and quality control unit is done through a sophisticated software system called MIS (management Information System).
Quality control unit is performing strict visual and instrumental observations and measurements to achieve precise control over various stages of production from early primarily levels to final ones before packaging. The identified possible errors or deviations from permitted values are sent to the responsible person through MIS system for more qualification and selection of appropriate amendment procedure to removing the errors if possible.

• Over 850 Standard Operation Procedures and Work Instructions Issued for all Procedures

• ISO 9001-2015 Certificate from SGS

• ISO 17025 Certificate for Laboratory

• DCS Certificate From ISIRI

• Management Information System

• Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systemsy

• Data Processing Based on Customer Feedback

SANGIN SANAT KOUHPAYEH provides quality management, co-ordination, production and processing, manufacture and installation services throughout the IRAN and sometimes abroad. The Company has developed its expertise since its establishment and its aim is to achieve a high standard of construction and service to its customers.

It is the policy of SANGIN SANAT KOUHPAYEH to provide the customer with goods and services to the agreed requirement in accordance with the details and price. The Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System seeking improvement by constant review, with suppliers and sub-contractors being encouraged to co-operate. The Company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001.